Open Cluster NGC1528 in Perseus

NGC 1528 has an diameter of 18 arc minutes and a brightness of +6.40 mag. The open cluster was discovered 28 December 1790 by Wilhelm Herschel. NGC 1528 is a very easy object to locate. There is a wide range of magnitude in this cluster, ranging from 9 to 13 and more. It is a medium sized cluster with 50 stars or more.
Open Cluster NGC1528

Photo Details

  Telescope: FSQ EDX Takahashi

  Camera: Sbig ST-8300, FW-5, Baader 36mm LRGB

  Mount: AP MAch 1

  Guiding: Off-axis Orion autoguider

  Exposure: L 24x3min, RGB 4x5min

  When: December 2014

  Other information: Taken from the city of Tarnow


Open Cluster NGC1528

Photo Details

  Telescope: FSQ106EDX (530 mm) Takahashi

  Camera: Sbig ST-2000XM, Filter wheel, Baader 1.25" LRGB filtes

  Mount: NJP Takahashi

  Guiding: Self-guided

  Exposure: LRGB L 1x300sek, R 1x300sek, G 1x300sek, B 1x300sek

  When: October 2010

  Other information: very good transparency, bad seeing, full moon (0.98)


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